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​We specialize in stone, brick and paver patios in New Jersey to help create a space in your backyard that you will enjoy for years to come.
A custom patio is more than just some extra room to stand in your backyard – it is the single most effective way to synthesize your home’s exterior with your outdoor kitchen or fire place and the rest of your backyard’s landscaping. Patios can be customized with a wide variety of materials available in a full spectrum of colors.


​What better way to create a greater curb appeal than to install a beautiful walkway on your property.  Depending on your property’s layout, we can install a narrow, wide or curved walkway on your property. Walkways are great for defining your garden path and entryways. Beautify your property and add value to your property by installing a new walkway.

​Retaining Walls

A retaining wall will also allow you to personalize your property using various types of stone styles and colors.  If done, properly with the right planning, a retaining wall can greatly enhance the appearance of your property and become a focal point that is attractive and also functional. Stone Force Paving and Masonry can show you the wide range of wall materials, stone styles, stone colors available to help you make personalize to your taste.


​Want to put in a new fence, but unsure which type to choose? No problem. We will help you explore landscape fence choices and weigh pros and cons for dozens of fences. Whether you looking for a fence for privacy, security, aesthetics, or to contain a pet, we can help you choose. There are pros and cons to different types and many choices in material.

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