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​​Add Character to your home with Expertly Crafted Walkways, Steps, ​Paths and more.

​Enhance the style and ​curb appeal of your ​home space with our ​masonry services!

We specialize in the installation of Paths, Walls, Curbing, Piers, and Steps.

W​hat makes ​Stone Force Paving and Masonry different? ​We have all the necessary qualities that you need in a reliable Masonry Contractor in New Jersey.

With over 20 years of experience, our company has been able to establish a name in the New Jersey Paving, masonry and landscaping industry. We always provide our clients with quality products and superior workmanship. We are also fully licensed to offer various home improvement and landscaping services.

​Retaining Walls

​As any experienced landscape contractor would surely tell you, retaining walls are not only built for design purposes, but they have very important roles in the landscape.

For one, retaining walls prevent soil erosion. This is particularly true if some parts of your property are built over loose, uneven soil or slopes. An example would be a gazebo built on a gentle slope. Without a retaining wall constructed around it, the gazebo could be structurally compromised in the event of heavy rains or earthquake. These walls ensure that such amenities are protected.​

​Stoops and Steps

​The experts at Stone Force Paving and Masonry can renovate or create a beautiful new stoop at your home in New Jersey We are fully licensed to take care of all types of repairs and installations at your home. This includes all types of driveway steps, house entrance stoops, concrete stoops and patio steps for all our Long Island customers.

If you are thinking about changing the look of an existing step on your driveway or patio and you are unsure on how to proceed, call now and we can give you free advice. Leave it up to your fully licensed step contractors at Stone Force Paving and Masonry. We make sure that everything is done to meet the New Jersey building regulations.


​There are various building materials that can be used for sidewalks. Among the common materials available include concrete pavers or stones. Various design technique can be incorporated in the construction. Some prefer, exposed aggregate, colored or decorative concrete, and the like. 

But to ensure its durability, only the best materials must be used. We at Stone Force Paving and Masonry use high quality Cambridge & Nicolock pavers in our sidewalk construction jobs. Cambridge has been our long-time partner and supplier of top of the line paving materials. ​


​Summer days are warm, but the temperature can drop on a summer night. Keep the chill away and add some welcoming ambience to your patio or yard with one of our stone, brick or textured concrete fire pits or fireplaces. They're great for toasting marshmallows, too! Landscaping design examples of outdoor patio fireplaces made out of brick pavers, concrete pavers or stone pavers.

​Continuous Curbing

​No true mastery over nature is complete without a beautiful continuous curb to draw those permanent, dividing lines between your lawn, walkways and driveway, or your gardens.
​In contrast with precast concrete ​curbs, Stone Force Paving and Masonry provides a greater level of durability, strength and beauty. We provide advice on all aspects of your driveway including drainage , lighting and any other concerns you may have. We have a full range of profiles, molds, stamps and colors to meet your every need.


​You've invested in an in-ground swimming pool and want to make it blend in with your patio or just surround it with beautiful stone. With our selection of textured concrete, stamped pavers and natural stone, we have something for everyone's style. Masonry design ideas for pools made out of brick pavers, concrete pavers or stone pavers.

​Outdoor Kitchens

​Summer seems all too brief in New Jersey and we want to take advantage of it by spending as much time as we can outside. Whether you're entertaining guests or cooking for the family, our outdoor kitchens--whether you choose a simple brick oven or a full kitchen set-up--will allow you to get as much of your outdoor living as possible. Landscaping design examples of outdoor patio kitchens made out of brick pavers, concrete pavers or stone pavers.

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